Art Of Programming

musings by Dmytrii Nagirniak

About Dmytrii Nagirniak

I am a passionate Software Engineer with more than 9 years of professional software development experience striving to understand and help the business. Loving the Test Driven Development and believe it will become the de-facto standard soon-ish.

Even more than all the cool things, I love my wife, Nina, who infinitely supports me in every possible situation and takes care of The Home. She is energetic and loving life person. She is the one without whom I cannot imagine my life.


  • Ruby, Ruby On Rails, Linux; Haml/Sass; Rspec/Shoulda;
  • MasterCard/Visa, PayPal;
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery;
  • SASS, CoffeeScript.
  • C# 1.0-4.0, WinForms, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, MS Enterprise Library, Enterprise Core Objects;
  • NHibernate, log4net, LINQ, Mocks, NHaml;
  • NUnit, MsTest, WatiR, Selenium;
  • MS SQL Server 2000-2008;
  • Visual Studio 6-2010, Borland Developer Studio, Aptana IDE and the best IDEs: gedit and notepad++;
  • Svn, Git, QSC Team Coherence, MS Visual Source Safe/TFS, Borland StarTeam;
  • Apache, IIS, nginx;
  • Delphi, JEDI, Bold for Delphi; Delphi.NET
  • C++, MFC, ATL, WTL, STL, COM;
  • UML, Rational Rose;
  • ANTLR;
  • MS Visual Basic, VBA (who haven’t been there, huh? :) )
  • Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development.


  • PropConnect: Online platform connecting property developers with sales networks.
  • Optical Mark Recognition for analysing scanned images and converting them to structured data sets.
  • Software licensing server to be used by other products/services requiring copyright protection.
  • Small Business Portal – the portal allowing small businesses to present themselves on the web.
  • Carers Management System for the CARERS VICTORIA.
  • Suzuki Music Autumn Festival 2010 – very customised registration site supporting payments via PayPal.
  • Direct Funds Portal – web application available for Australian residents helping people to perform their business by making large number of payments and other banking operations.
  • Data Collection Portal – the portal allows many clients to collect data from surveys/electronic forms from their audience online and work with that data.
  • Form Designer. Desktop application intended to improve communication between developers and customers. Currently free and available for download from web site.
  • Intranet CRM system supporting clients pipe-lining, managing clients’ reputation and different set of customised functionality.
  • Logger – logging client and server able to perform heavy logging from different types of applications and machines.
  • XTract – the enterprise application used by the government services to collect and track various types of data.
  • Term (certified by ministry of education) — Software Methodical Complex TermVII-XI to Support Practical Training on Mathematics.
  • Vint2 (Videointerpreter) — educational programming system, supporting visualisation of an algorithm execution process. Intended to be used to learn basics of programming algorithms in schools and universities.