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Developer Tools

I will start a new series of posts to have more or less complete list of development tools (I often use my blog as a small notebook).

It will be labeled as DevTools.

I plan to post one post per "tool" or one post per set of similar tools.

Not sure how I’ll go with and if I need to update posts or with every new tool create another topic.

I mean what should I do if I have let’s say ".NET Unit Testing Tools" that includes NUnit, MbUnit and I found out that there’s also MsTest?

Should I write a new post about MsTest or just update the old one?

Anyway, that’s just a try and I’ll see how I go with it…


Dmytrii Nagirniak
Hi Alex,
I think I will update the original post and probably add a comment on it (or just highligh the edited part somehow).

Anyway it’s just an intention for now, not sure how far I’ll go with it.
As for me, better idea is keep posts updated, and when update happens just post a little message with link to original guide.
That how you could keep all the reviews in one place, thus allowing for easy comparison.

And - great things. This idea seems to be awesome - having all the tools reviewed and classified.