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JavaScript Library Survey

Please help me to decide what library to choose for my everyday usage.
If you have some experience in that area please tell your word here. Also please distribute this to as many colleges as you can.
Much appreciated!


Dmytrii Nagirniak
Hi Alex,

Thanks for that. I’m aware of that. But had to mention that I’m not looking for server-side specific library. Instead I want it to be platform independent. Or at the very bad end - .NET specific :)

Another thing is that I really had to include MootTools. But, honestly, for me the choice is between jQuery and YUI at this stage.

I had enough licensing problems with ExtJS and I don’t want to deal with it again.

Well, you have forgot Google Web Toolkit ( and MooTools (

First one is really coooool for large javascript projects - it performs some optimizations during java2js compilation, and second one is one used by some people for small projects well.

By the way ,there’s analog of extjs built for google web tookit. Here’s their demo:

It is called ext-gwt