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My Car

We‘ve recently bought a car. Nothing funky, just a good one to drive from point A to point B.

That’s 2000 Mazda 323 Astina 1.6 Hatchback (Manual). Despite it’s economical and small engine (1.6L) it drives very good even with air-con turned on at maximum.

Couple of problems I have had so far are:

  • Wipers’ liquid seems to be leaking. Not found where yet.
  • Replaced right lamp of breaking light.

The official name of this car is Astina Mazdovna :)


I actually was looking for good car no more than 100000 KM and 5 years old and we would not buy this car at all if would not been so well service with only one lady owner for all the 9 years.

It looks just a new one. I hardly was able to find any rust. It has all the factory appliances, including 6 disks CD changer. But it’s located in a weird place - under the front passenger seat, which is pretty much a factory standard (probably just to save place).

The car itself is pretty small but it was made the way to increase interior space. Sounds interesting. Mazda decreased general size of the car, but increased the space inside. The interior space is comparable to Toyota Corolla.

See couple of photos.


Dmytrii Nagirniak
I do :) Thanks
Nice car! Good choice! Drive with pleasure!
Dmytrii Nagirniak
I congratulate you! Happy driving!