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Old Resources for Enterprise Core Objects III

ECO is a great framework but for newcomers it really might be hard to learn. Many people on the ECO newsgroup ask for more and more resources/links/documentation.

Now the documentation is being continuously improved. Peter makes it possible.

I have some old ECO2-3 links in my Google Bookmarks. So I think I need to share them (is it possible to do it from Google Bookmarks? Like Google Reader Shared items?).

Special set of links are:

There used to be a nice site where the doc that describes most of ECO services was available. Best ever. Not sure where it is now.

Other links are below. They are not well grouped, so you’ll have to figure out what is what :)


There is also another set of ECO resources. It probably intersects with my list but have a look.

Hope you enjoy this list and will find some useful stuff.


Dmytrii Nagirniak
Jonas, thanks for the clarifications.
I haven’t noticed EcoIIIServices.pdf is included in the Eco4.

You have lots of links on your site as well and I pointed that your company web site is the first one to start.

I’m just wondering why people don’t follow all of the links to learn about ECO.

Looking at myslef… Maybe it’s just because of it’s easier to ask in the great and helpful newsgroup than read everything… Or maybe I don’t have the time to dig into unstructured set of links…

Anyway, good documentation seems to be a major problem for ECO newbies and ECO marketing, especially before Peter had joined the team.
Hi, and thanks for posting the links. We maintain a bunch of links on the capableobjects website as well. The EcoIIIservices.pdf file is now included in the documentation that ships with EcoIV. Currently only released as a Fieldtest for the VS version, but it works with BDS/RadStudio as well. Download details in the fieldtest newsgroup at