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Rails Plugin With Tested Assets Screencast

Some of the most valuable things you can learn are not written in books, not shown in the presentations and demos. Those come from seeing how others work.

How do they do all those small things? What tricks do they have? How would they approach that problem?

Unfortunately, I can’t remember seeing people sharing the way they actually work (unless they pair). I want to see what mistakes they make, how they fix those, how they try to come up with a word erasing a line 10 times.
I believe all this is of a great value for a lot of us.

What I described is partially done by PeepCode’s Play By Play series and Tekpub. Those are amazing (usually). But that’s not exactly what I am after. Those screencasts are high quality, polished and prepared ones. YOU are NOT featuring there. I want to see YOU there. All of you, guys.

So I decided to make a first step (or maybe not so) and screencast myself while working on a Rails Plugin.

This is mostly real-time work. You’ll see how I fail, you’ll spot the mistakes I’ve done and did not even notice, you’ll see how I write README. And, most importantly, you will hopefully see some of the things that will help yourself.

This video features the following tools/technologies:

  • Ruby, Ruby On Rails
  • CoffeeScript
  • SASS
  • Git, Github
  • Vim (MacVim and Terminal)
  • Jasmine and basic testing of JavaScript and even CSS assets
  • etc
Additionally, before watching, make sure you Turn On the Volume. Rare person doesn’t like the music that my wife helped me prepare. Even if you don’t not like the video, you should like the music :)

I hope you enjoy it. UPDATE: Please watch it in full screen as the quality is lower than I expected.

P.S.: Screencasting is really hard. And that’s my first. So apologies if something isn’t in-place.
(If you can’t see the video here, open it on Vimeo. Alternatively, try YouTube - it should work with HTML5-only browser).


Dmytrii Nagirniak
Pleased to know that you liked it. Yeah, the music sometimes goes a bit off. But it is still fun as for me :)
Flaviu Simihaian
Great video. I also love the music. Beethoven seems to get extra-dramatic near the testing pain point :)

Look forward to seeing more in the future and hope to do some myself.


Dmytrii Nagirniak
Sorry about that. I've embedded the YouTube version of the video. It is of a little better quality.
Video on vimeo is bad quality, I had to watch it on Youtube. Thanks for videolesson.
Dmytrii Nagirniak
If more people will need it, I will probably upload higher resolution somewhere. Have you tried YouTube?

And in the future I will have to record at much lower screen resolution
If see screencast from page - text is unreadable and font size is too small, at full screen (1080p) - too blur and unreadable too. may be if i'll have possibility to view at custom player size - it's will be ok.
Dmytrii Nagirniak
Try it on YouTube:

I'll update the post a bit later with both links.
Unfortunately vimeo does not support html5 video